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Affordable and quality furnace repair, service, and installation are available for your home. Speak to one of our representatives to schedule a visit with one of our technicians.




Furnace Repair, Service, and Installation in Murrieta, CA, and Throughout Southern California

Heating can be a surprising necessity. You don’t know how important it is until it gets so cold, it could be uncomfortable even for us living in Southern California. Regardless of how cold it gets, living comfortably should be something anyone can have. EASE can provide heating service, repairs, and installation at an affordable rate. Scheduling service for your furnace is $55 for first-time customers (diagnostics included), speak to one of our specialists.

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Heating Repair

Living in Southern California, especially in the Inland Empire, will make us disregard the cold since it’s always nice and sunny. Heating is easily overlooked until one day it happens, your heater isn’t working the way it’s supposed to and you need to call a specialist.

EASE places its customers first and ensures your system is diagnosed properly and provide you the best and affordable options for your home. We’ll often go to homes and find other HVAC companies quoting a brand new system when in reality, you may have only needed a new thermostat or replace a wire. 

Heating Systems and Maintenance

EASE works with about every heating system you may have. Whether it’s a wall furnace, heat-pump, forced air unit, or package roof unit, we can handle it!  Our maintenance plan is available to help keep a healthy system for years to come. Avoid potential bad odors, uncomfortable dry and stale air, and anything that could affect performance and energy-efficiency.

Not every heating system lives forever. Our technicians can help provide an idea as to how long your system may last and help prepare you for the inevitable. We can provide recommended options for a replacement that is both affordable and energy-efficient. Whether it’s a new furnace, heat-pump, ductless heating system, or any other system, we can supply and install the new system that will meet and exceed building standards and provide you with 100% satisfaction. 



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First time service for your AC or Heater is only $55!


Why Choose EASE

  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Trained Professional Technicians
  • Leaders in Home Energy Efficiency
  • Approved Contractors for SoCal Utility Companies and Government Entities
  • Quality Workmanship Guaranteed
  • Excellent Product Warranties
  • Focused on Affordability through Competitive Pricing, Rebates, and available ‘Green’ Financing
  • 100% Satisfaction!


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