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Safety & Security



Crews often work in pairs minimizing exposure while maintaining physical distance from others. Due to the nature of their work, our crew members are sometimes unable to maintain physical distancing while providing certain services. Just as your family unit, or household, interact but remain physically distant from the rest of the world, our crews interact similarly. When working in the field or in any environment near others, crew members wear a facial covering where practical. We must ensure that the fabric of facial coverings meets safety requirements while providing service or operating machinery. Customers are advised to maintain at least six feet distance for safety. The safety of our workforce, our customers, and the public remain our top priority.

Environmental Assessment Service & Education of California

Just having heating and cooling systems at home or the workplace is not sufficient enough. There are a lot of heating and cooling units that work throughout the year to provide the most comfortable life to the owner. However, these HVAC units require timely maintenance and care.

Nowadays, scheduling an HVAC maintenance service has become a difficult task due to COVID 19. We all want to keep our family safe from this disease, but we also wish for a comfortable home for them. Thus, it is necessary to look for an HVAC company that keeps the SAFETY & SECURITY in the first place while providing the services.

Here, EASE comes with the revolutionary change in our working pattern according to the guidelines of COVID 19. The EASE team works extra hard to offer excellent quality heating and cooling solutions and follow all the preventive measures against the spread of the virus.

About EASE

EASE was established to offer the best quality heating and cooling solutions and take care of the ecology system. We work to provide environmental assessment services throughout California. Having each opportunity to save the earth is an award for us. Our technicians have excellent knowledge to fix heating or air conditioning issues.

We process the condition and desires of our clients before offering the solution. We also follow all the rules for COVID-19 to achieve the SAFETY & SECURITY of people. Being responsible and eco-friendly, the team of EASE works to make the environment healthy.

What Service Will You Get At EASE?

We offer our wide range of ecological HVAC services at EASE for customers. Our target is to create a cozy place to live in at an affordable price. The array of EASE services includes:

Why Do People Believe In Our Services During COVID-19?

COVID-19 has had an impact on each of us. However, we accepted all the challenges and prepared our team with extra training to work during this period. Here are the reasons why our service is safe during COVID as well:

  • All the technicians are well aware of COVID-19 guidelines.
  • We all are vaccinated.
  • We take care of proper sanitization of our equipment for SAFETY & SECURITY.
  • We keep a safe distance from you while working.
  • Our team wears a mask and over-shoe covers to keep your place safe.
  • We send the team to your place after checking their temperature.
  • All the EASE team members are physically fit and have routine medical consultations for SAFETY & SECURITY.
  • Our priority is to give high-quality HVAC services without causing any harm to the health of our customers or the team.

Check our website to get in touch, as well as get more ideas about making your home comfortable with the best quality HVAC services.