Serving Southern California Since 2007

About Us


EASE was founded on the principles of ecology and humanitarianism. We are fortunate enough to partner with a growing number of energy and assistance programs creating the needed cooperation to provide for EASE’s vision of a balanced earth.

About Us

Uniting and serving communities is our ongoing commitment. In doing so, EASE lights a path of awareness guiding people to the services they need.

EASE possesses extensive knowledge in both public service and information management. We measure ourselves by the quality and thoughtfulness of our solutions. By joining with a select but diverse group of partners and programs we purposely unify information and provide direct benefit to those we serve. EASE is a steward for the environment, citizens, businesses, and program providers.

EASE has been entrusted to nurture both our fellow men and the planet. Therefore, we strive to be a respectful and responsible citizen. Our steadfast promise is to do good while helping to EASE the transition to a greener planet. Your ongoing support makes that possible.