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Why Is Your Furnace Leaking Water In The Winter?

A furnace is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in a home; it keeps us warm in the freezing winters and cools in the hot and humid summers. A central heating system is an important part of a commercial building or a house. On a freezing winter night, the last thing homeowners want to see is a pool of water leaking from their furnace. When this happens, every homeowner tends to panic. Some of the possible reasons why your furnace is leaking water are listed below:

A problem With The Secondary Heat Exchanger

If a condensation leak is not the issue, then another probable reason is a problem with the secondary heat exchanger inside the furnace. Unfortunately, this problem might be a costly fix or might even require the furnace to be replaced.

Corrosion is Another Problem

It can be from different metals used on the ductwork and furnace. To keep the moisture and humidity in the home under control, you need a dehumidifier.

The Internal Drain is Blocked

Another probability would be that the internal drain system is clogged. This happens if the air conditioning system is still running and it shares this drain with the furnace.

Poor Maintenance is a Big Reason For Furnace Leaking Problems

Even a fairly new furnace has to be maintained, not just aged furnaces. Regular cleaning and scheduled examination of the furnace by a skilled repair person is important.

Keep Your Floor And Wall Vents Free of Dust And Debris

Vacuum vents often ensure nothing is hindering the airflow, such as carpets over a vent, curtains, furniture obstructing the flow of the vent and so forth. Therefore you should have your ducts cleaned yearly.

Your Furnace Humidifier Could be Leaking

Your humidifier could be leaking inside your furnace, causing you a problem. This is something that can be detected in the early stages if you get routine maintenance done. Nonetheless, if you haven’t had routine maintenance for your furnace for a long time, this might be the root of your issue. If your humidifier is leaking, it can do a lot of internal damage to the furnace.

Condensate Pump

A problem with the condensate pump is restricted to condensing furnaces. A condensate pump is used to push the condensation created out to the pipe. If the pump does not function properly, water can back up and result in a leak from your furnace, therefore, you will need to reach out to an expert to replace it.

Regardless of what the problem is, you need to stay attentive and watch for all of the indications mentioned above. You don’t need to worry as most of the problems can be rectified by experts.

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