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Why Does my Air Conditioner Keep Turning on And Off?

Nobody wants to disturb their good night’s sleep on a hot summer night. It can be troublesome to manage your air conditioner when it repeatedly turns on and off. These ACs can cause inconvenience and irregular temperature of the rooms. EASE puts forward various services for your HVAC unit, including an AC installation service in Murrieta, CA.

If you’re wondering why your AC keeps turning on and off frequently, here are some reasons to look.

  • Dust on The Filter And Condenser Coils

Over the months, your air conditioner filters get collected with some specks of dust. Hence, if you find your AC frequently switching on and off, one of the basic reasons can be a dirty filter.

To solve this issue, you can call a technical professional to get the filters of your HVAC unit clean. If the maintenance of your AC is due, you might find a layer of dust and debris on the condenser coils of the unit, thus leading to overheating and later switching off of the AC.

  • Oversized AC

If your AC has a larger capacity than the size of your room, it can lead to dysfunction of the AC in the long run. Larger ACs change the room temperature quickly and lead to an imbalance of humidity levels. An AC with a large capacity can cool the room quickly, even though this is not always a good thing.

Get our technical professional to work on the unit so that the performance of your AC improves. Call us for our AC replacement service in Hemet, CA, if the problem persists.

  • Issues With The Thermostat

A thermostat is a device in your unit that allows maintaining the temperature of an enclosed space. So, when your thermostat is functioning poorly, the unit generates air with an imbalanced temperature.

The poor placement of the thermostat can also cause frequent switching off and on. If the thermostat is placed in direct sunlight, it can produce wrong signals, which are later sent to the unit. Hence, you should essentially check the thermostat and get it repaired.

  • Leak in The Refrigerant

A leak in the refrigerant can cause the AC to turn off and on frequently. A refrigerant takes in the hot air from the atmosphere and cools it down in an enclosed space. So, when the refrigerant is leaking, the cycle of the AC is abrupt.

Remember that the refrigerant is risky and should be treated by an HVAC professional only.

  • Malfunction in The Compressor

A refrigerant leak can cause the compressor of the unit to fail. Since a compressor cannot operate with low refrigerant; it therefore switches off until the pressure is back. The imbalance of refrigerant can repeatedly turn the compressor on and off.

  • Spoiled Capacitor

A damaged or old capacitor can take up varying amounts of electric energy. All air conditioners require more energy to start. When the capacitor cannot meet the energy needs, the AC turns off immediately after turning on.

These are some reasons why your air conditioner might turn off and on repeatedly. If you want to get guidance on the well-functioning of your HVAC system, do not hesitate and contact us for our services.