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What Precautions Should You Take for Installation and Maintenance of an Air Conditioner?

It is better to take precautionary steps to help prevent bigger issues down the road, especially in terms of AC servicing or AC Replacement Hemet, CA. Being aware of a few things during servicing or installation, can ensure you are being provided with quality service.

EASE’s technicians have prepared a list of precautionary steps to keep in mind when a technician comes to perform AC services.

1. What Are Some Precautionary Steps For AC System Installation?

Here are steps to remember to ensure the installation happens successfully without any problems. Improper installation may cause many problems in the future that need AC Installation Service San Jacinto, CA:

  • Choose the location of the AC in such a way there are no heating devices present near the AC system. Also, a sunlit area is not an ideal spot for thermostat installation.
  • The best place for the AC system is on a wall above the window, so it is easily accessible to clean or repair the system. Ensure that the AC system is away from the throw, so the air goes sideways. 
  • Ensure the technician uses the correct insulation to cover the refrigeration tube carrying cold refrigerant. Each part of the refrigeration tube should have insulation. 
  • There should be a gap between the outdoor unit and the wall for the appropriate functioning of the fan motor. 
  • Install the outdoor unit where sunlight does not interfere with the condenser or cover it with a sunshade. 

2. What Are Some Things To Remember To Maintain The AC System?

  • Replace the air filter once every three months. If you have a high-tech filter, clean it according to the AC tune-up technician in Murrieta, CA instructions.
  • Clear the surrounding area around the outdoor unit weekly or monthly. 
  • Remove the excess water in the condensate drain to avoid water leakage. 
  • Contact the indoor air quality experts for a quick check if you find mildew or mold growth.

3. What To Do When The AC System Suddenly Shuts Down?

One of the reasons your AC automatically shuts down is because a problem has affected the whole functioning of the AC system. The AC system will not turn on unless the issue gets resolved. 

But before assuming the worst, try restarting the AC system. A reset button in the outdoor system helps restart the AC system like your PC or laptop. It is a black or red color button, and you can find it by reading the AC instructions manual. 

If the AC system does not restart or the problem happens again, call the 
AC tune-up technician in Murrieta, CA, to check what is causing the sudden shutdown. All you need to do is:

  • Switch off the AC system. 
  • Find the reset button. 
  • Click the reset button and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Switch on the power plug of the AC system. 


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