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What Maintenance Service Is Required For AC Systems?

If you maintain your AC with regular servicing, you not only increase its longevity but avoid the possibility of an unexpected breakdown!

The key to avoiding emergencies and early AC replacement service is timely scheduled maintenance service.

Maintenance services avoid AC expensive repair issues!

Ignorance of little details or signs can give rise to massive problems in the future. Now, there are only two solutions to big problems like compressor issues or burned components due to electricity issues: 

  • Component replacement.
  • AC System replacement.

Maintenance services help to detect the issues in the beginning stage and deploy protective strategies to avoid the problems from happening in the future. According to experts of air conditioner repair in Hemet, CA, maintenance services can avoid AC issues like: 

  • Hot and cold spot problem. 
  • AC vents blow warm air in the summer season. 
  • Compressor failure.
  • The loud and strange noise issue.
  • Electrical problems like AC fuse tripped down. 
  • Water leakage issue due clogging of condensate drain 
  • Thermostat connectivity issue.

2. What type of maintenance service does an AC system need?

There are two kinds of maintenance services that every household AC system should get:

  • Professional maintenance service.
  • Preventive maintenance service.

Professional maintenance service is carried out by AC repair company experts in Hemet, CA, with appropriate equipment and detailed checkpoints. Professional maintenance twice a year keeps the system technically fit and maintained. 

Preventive maintenance is a list of small tasks that everyone should remember to keep everything safe and avoid the necessary spark that leads to building issues.

3. How is a professional maintenance service carried out?

When you call the AC repair company in Hemet, CA, for maintenance service, their focus is on the AC system working and how to maintain the AC system efficiency. So, they check issues and components that impact the quality of the service like refrigeration coils, evaporator and condenser coils, AC filters, vents, and ducts.  

Then, they deal with the AC drainage parts potentially responsible for water leakage issues. Electrical connections board and fuse are essential to check because one mistake quickly leads to a hazardous situation.

4. What are some things to keep in mind to maintain the AC system?

Here are some responsibilities that every household owner should follow to safeguard your AC system: 

  • You must schedule maintenance service for the AC system or enroll in a maintenance scheme from a professional air conditioner repair in Hemet, CA.
  • Keep the temperature of the AC system around 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Setting the thermostat temperature to the lowest possible number will increase the compressor workload leading to early exhaustion.
  •  Use ceiling fans if you want to increase the efficiency and decrease the workload on the AC system. After 1-2 hours of AC working, switch off the HVAC system, and turn on the ceiling fan to maintain the chillness.
  • In the summer season, drape the windows with a dark shade curtain to block the sun rays out of the house. And also, keep the windows and doors closed while the AC system works.
  • Take some time on any weekday and check the clogging of the condensate drain, clean the air filter with necessary means, and condenser fins with a fine comb brush. 
  • Clear the foliage and debris around the outdoor unit. 


If you want more tips on increasing the AC system cooling, you can contact our EASE‘s AC repair professionals in Hemet, CA, for a quick check.