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What Is The Correct Way To Install A Furnace Filter?

Furnace maintenance is key when it comes to acquiring interruption-free heat during the winter season. Our furnace is a mechanical device and so requires utmost care to prevent damages and failures. Scheduling a heating repair in Murrieta, CA, can help secure your furnace from unnecessary damages. One of the most important parts that are changed during a service or repair is the furnace filter.

A furnace filter is responsible for purifying the cold air coming into the furnace and the hot air blown out by the furnace. The filter cleans the air, making it pollutant and allergen-free. It helps improve the air quality that comes out of your furnace and is inhaled by you. However, this collection of pollutants and dirt leads to severe blockage or clog.

This clogging of dirt can restrict the airflow and the supply of hot air from the furnace. Thus, changing your furnace filter regularly is mandatory. You can contact the technician who helped you with your HVAC installation in Hemet, CA, to understand how to change the filter yourself in the right manner.

When should you change your furnace filter?

If the following instances occur, your furnace filter has to be changed:

  • The furnace is working, but there is no sufficient heat
  • Your furnace throws cold air
  • You find dust in the air coming out of your furnace
  • Your furnace functions inadequately

How To Install A Furnace Filter?

After identifying whether your furnace needs a filter change, follow these steps to install your filter correctly:

  • Locate the filter in your furnace. In most furnaces, the filter is located where the ductwork meets the furnace or adjacent to the furnace.
  • Find the filter air box, pull out the old filter, and discard it.
  • The new filter will have arrows indicating the airflow. The filter should be inserted so that the arrow faces toward the furnace and away from the duct that pulls the air in for heating.
  • You can mark the arrows with a permanent marker on the furnace or the ductwork. Mark the airflow direction and the air filter size.
  • To ensure that you change your filter after regular intervals, you can write the date you are changing.
  • Insert the new filter in the filter air box, with the arrow pointing towards the furnace.
  • To find the correct measurements for your filter, you can check the filter box, the furnace, or the old furnace itself.

Changing or installing a furnace filter is an easy task if you follow the instructions properly. Changing filters helps keep the air clean, saves you from high electric bills, and reduces the strain on your furnace. There are manuals available with the furnace that can help you change your filter without error.

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