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What Happens If My AC Unit Is Undersized?

Are you thinking of buying a new air conditioning system for your household? Every AC system owner should start considering AC replacement service after the AC system completes ten years of its service. 

1. Size is Essential in Deciding What Type of AC System you Should Buy

Size is essential because it determines how much heat an air conditioning system can remove from the interiors in one hour. It helps to decide how much your AC’s cooling capacity should be to lower the room temperature quickly. If you want to calculate the cooling capacity, follow the following steps to find out:

  • Measure the length and breadth of the space.
  • Multiply them.
  • Multiply the product by 25 to get the cooling capacity in BTUs.

The expert air conditioning contractor in San Jacinto, CA, prefers buying an AC system with a higher cooling capacity than the calculated one. It is better to buy a slightly higher cooling capacity AC system because hidden factors will increase the room temperature.

2. Factors that Affect the Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity increases by 10% if the room receives ample sunlight. If the sun shines and brightens your room almost all the time during the day, you need a higher BTUs system. Other factors that influence the cooling capacity are:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature difference
  • Room height
  • Wall insulation
  • Doors and windows
  • Thermal conductivity between walls and building material

3. Problems with Undersized AC Units

Here is the list of problems, according to our air conditioning contractor in San Jacinto, CA, that you face when you buy an undersized AC unit:

  • Inefficient air services:

The AC system will run for long hours, but you will still be sweating because of the small size.

  • Continuous running of the refrigeration process:

If the refrigeration system runs for a long time without stopping, it will affect the compressor’s functioning.

  • Premature wear and tear:

The AC system works tirelessly for hours, increasing the risk of wear and tear. Wear and tear mean an expensive repair.

  • Higher electricity or energy bills:

When the AC system runs for longer hours, it wears and tears. The deteriorating condition of the compressor increases the load on the AC system.

4. Problems with Oversized AC Units

Here are some problems according to our AC installation in San Jacinto, CA, if you buy an oversized AC unit:

  • Deprivation in the quality services

If you purchase a massive-size AC system, you might not receive the services you thought while signing the deal.

  • Increased humidity

Suppose the AC system blows chilling air for a long period and the humidity in the indoor air increases. Humidity levels make the indoors uncomfortable.

  • Expensive and unnecessary costs

Oversized AC systems are prone to get affected by short-cycling issues. Short-cycle cycling issues impact the compressor unit, and repairing a compressor is expensive work.

Call the Ease Technician Whenever in Doubt

Buying an AC unit that fits all your family members’ requirements is tough, but with an expert’s help, every task becomes simplified. If you think you need any guidance, Ease air conditioning contractors in San Jacinto, CA, will help you out.