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What Happens If an Air Conditioner Is Not Used for 3-4 Months?

Many people worry that there is a chance their air conditioner will degrade if it is not used in a couple of months. Being concerned about the air conditioner is a good sign only when you take care of it and it delivers on all expectations; otherwise, the performance might get affected.

The air conditioners are built with endurance and can run for long hours every day, even all day, without any break. The modern units are durable and designed to run for you, so nothing will happen to AC if you don’t use it for months when you are away from your home, but you should take some precautions.

If you haven’t used your air conditioner for quite a while, you should contact an air purifiers company in Murrieta, CA, to help you clean the air conditioner.

Precautions To Take When The AC Is Not Used For A Few Months

  • Keep The Air Conditioner Clean

If you are not using your appliance for a long time, ensure that you clean and dust regularly. The problem with dust is that it forms a layer and turns into a buildup that interferes with smooth functioning. Due to dust and grime, they tend to accumulate, and objects these unwanted particles even flow inside the units if there is any opening or settle on different components.

  • Follow The Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance is necessary because it ensures everything is as it should be and is working effectively. The maintenance planner for the air conditioner takes into account the period when you will not use it.

Do not make the mistake of assuming technicians do not consider that period. If you do not get follow-up maintenance, you might have to call air conditioner repair in Murrieta to get your unit repaired if there are any damages.

  • Run The AC on Fan Mode

When the air conditioner works flow through the system, sometimes the air contains dust and other particles. These particles settle inside the unit and make it dirty when you switch off the air conditioner for a long time and run only the fan without any cooling for an hour which will help you clear the system.

It is essential to know that the machine shuts down correctly and will not develop any problem when it is not used.


If you take care of this and maintain it regularly, there might be no problem when you restart. Also, when you use your unit after a while, you should have a maintenance checkup to ensure there is no problem with your air conditioner and it is good to go.

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