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What Causes A Furnace Blower Motor To Go Bad?

With the winter months quickly approaching, your furnace motor must remain in good working order. As a result, it is crucial to understand what causes a furnace blower motor to fail. Knowing this information will help you call experts timely for your water heater repair in Hemet, CA. Also, note that a blower motor can fail if it is dirty, and hence you must clean it with a brush routinely to keep it working efficiently.

What is a Furnace Blower Motor, and Why Does it Go Bad?

A blower motor is a component of your HVAC heating system that distributes warm air around your home. It comes accompanied by a rotating fan that pushes air into your home’s vents. In addition, a blower motor is usually available in two configurations: direct power and belt drive.

Direct power-driven blower motors are a type of motor that is deeply related to the furnace fan. These are the most prevalent types of furnace motors found in private residences. On the other hand, blower motors with belt drives remain attached to a pulley that turns the fan.

As a result, they have slightly greater power and are less prevalent in household applications. In addition, if the motor’s oil level is low, it can lead to oil build-up that damages your furnace blower motor.

Signs your Heater Blower Motor is Failing

Below are some signs that indicate that your furnace blower motor is malfunctioning.

  • Unusual Noises

The sound you hear from your heater is usually nothing more than a quiet hum. If you hear anything else, it could be a hint of impending catastrophe. Unusual sounds come with age, so this could be a hint that you need to replace them.

  • Old Age

The majority of furnace systems get manufactured to endure up to twenty years. It is natural for wear to accumulate in your heater’s vital components like a blower motor after twenty years. Since the early 2000s, HVAC technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Even if you don’t have furnace problems, updating can help you save money on heating.

  • Frequent HVAC Repairs

A slew of short-term remedies may get your furnace through the month, but they won’t eliminate long-term difficulties. If your furnace needs multiple minor repairs, you may need to replace it. However, if these repairs are connected to overheating or dampness, addressing the source of the problem may resolve your issue.

  • Frequent short cycling

If your furnace stops working after a few moments, this is another symptom that your furnace blower motor has failed. It is also a symptom that your engine is overheated. If left untreated, this can have serious long-term consequences.

To summarise, we can say that there are numerous reasons your furnace blower motor can go bad. Therefore, it is better to call professionals timely and get your furnace inspected.

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