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If Your Furnace Isn’t Working, Here Are Some Steps to Take First

When the weather turns cold, it can be distressing to see that your heating system is not turning on or warming your home adequately. While your first instinct may be to go to the thermostat to change its settings, many heater problems arise due to more in-depth issues within your HVAC system that only experts for heating repair in Hemet, CA, can identify.

What to do When the Furnace isn’t Working?

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can follow when your furnace system is not working before looking for professional HVAC contractors near me in Hemet, CA.

  • Check if your Thermostat is getting Power

Your thermostat is a power-consuming electronic device. The system sends input to your furnace via electrical impulses, indicating when to turn on and off. While many thermostats come hard-wired to take power from your home’s electrical system and the city’s power grid, others run on batteries.

So if your heating system is not running accurately, you must check the thermostat to ensure that it is getting the power or the batteries are okay, in case it runs on battery. Also, note that if your thermostat’s screen is blank, it indicates a power issue.

  • Examine the Furnace Air Filter

Pile of debris and dust in your heating system for an extended time can block the air filters causing the machine to consume a lot more power than needed.

If you do not resolve this issue timely, it might lead to a permanent breakdown of your furnace system. So if you think your heating machine is acting up, inspect the conditions of the air filters.

  • Check for Power

If your heater isn’t getting power, it won’t turn on, won’t heat your home, and won’t show any “evidence of life.” To solve this, examine the electric box in your home to see if the circuit breaker that controls the furnace is malfunctioning.

Tripped circuit breakers may stand oddly out of place, so look for minor discrepancies in the paddle’s alignment. If the paddle appears to get tripped, reset it by turning it one way and switching it to the other side.

In addition, many homeowners tend to panic in such circumstances and ignore some fundamental factors that might make your heating system malfunction. You can check on the external components of the furnace unit, like the circuit breaker, if there is an electrical issue.

  • Check your Furnace Drainage System

Sometimes, when your heating system’s drain pan gets full, it triggers the float control, preventing your machine from turning on. While you can clean the drainage line yourself, it is better to seek professional assistance to ensure such problems never arise again.

Besides these easy furnace troubleshooting tips, it is highly advisable to contact a professional heating and cooling service provider for your heating issues.

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