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How To Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit in The Winter

Air conditioners require extra care in winters. Winters can damage the outside air conditioning if homeowners don’t take steps to protect it. Winter can let the moisture build up inside the machine. There are some important steps one should take to prevent damaging the AC unit. Homeowners must reach up to air conditioner repair in San Jacinto, CA before falling for routine repair and maintenance.

Air conditioners are not put through usage in winter months, but it is important to endure the unit from cold weather. Continue reading to know-how to protect your air conditioning unit:

Cover The Outside Unit

Homeowners must cover their outside unit to ensure that there is no deposit of snow or moisture on its surface. Covering the unit will also help in keeping the leaves, dirt and debris out of the unit. It will protect the internal electrical component from rusting.

Though, homeowners must make sure that the cover should not trap moisture inside. The cover should be made from breathing material.

Leave The Unit off During Winters

Most of the technicians advise that it is better to leave the unit off during winter. Homeowners should maintain low ambient controls to operate the unit in favorable temperatures. If you leave it on, the unit can draw snow or moisture inside the unit and can increase the risk of corrosion. Homeowners must ensure that the main power supply has been cut.

You must call out to ac repair service in Hemet, CA before switching on the ACs after harsh winter.

Double The Insulation

It is better to double protect the unit. One must use rubber or foam to insulate around the pipes to protect it from freezing. During the winter, you should also check your insulation often to make sure it has not loosened. By insulating the pipes, homeowners are making sure that no moisture is built up. If not does, moss can grow on it which can damage the pipes.

Keep Checking The Outside unit

Even after taking precautions, a windy winter can damage the unit. Homeowners must regularly inspect the air conditioning unit. Check on the health of the unit at least once a week. Leaves , debris and snow are likely to accumulate on the unit. It must be cleaned regularly.

To save money on ac repair service in Hemet, CA , homeowners must keep the health of the unit in check.

Fix Routine Maintenance

Even if the air conditioner is not in use, homeowners should fix regular maintenance. To maintain the healthy condition of the unit, you must call out the technician for routine maintenance. They can give better guidance on how to protect the unit during harsh winter. In order to save oneself from future damages, it is always wise to call out to air conditioner repair in San Jacinto, CA.

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