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How To Diagnose a Problem With Your AC?

Nothing is more annoying than a poorly functioning air conditioner, especially during the extreme heated times in summer. So that you do not lose your cool once the temperature starts warming up, you must make sure your air conditioner is in an optimal state.

Certain signs show that your air conditioner might be facing some issues. It is only advisable to service and smoothen the functioning of your air conditioner when the signs are at a harmless level to avoid any future unwanted inconsistency. Call for professional help to look after your air conditioner repair in Hemet, CA, or air conditioner repair in San Jacinto, CA.

How to Identify Air Conditioner Problems?

Identifying the problems related to the air conditioner is not an uphill struggle; you just need to keep checking for signs shown by the air conditioner. These issues can be easily handled with the help of experienced technicians. The signs can be listed as follows.

Dirty Filter

Filters are responsible for clean and easy airflow which is also an important factor when cooling the room. An unclear filter restricts cool and clean airflow and reduces the overall efficiency of the air conditioner. If you happen to own pets or keep the central air system running, then it is advised that you get the filter cleaned regularly.

Too Sunny Outdoors

If a window air conditioner is placed in a location that gets direct sunlight, it might put too much load on the AC, as the day’s heat during summers is extreme. To increase the cooling, you may either draw blinds or curtains or move the air conditioner to a more sunless place. Our technicians from Hemet, CA or San Jacinto, CA can help in relocating the AC.

Sensor Problems

A thermostat sensor is needed for the air conditioner to sense the room temperature and function accordingly. If the sensor is mispositioned or knocked out of position, the air conditioner might not know when to complete its cycle and function oddly. This problem can be solved by repositioning the sensor and placing it close to the coil but without touching it.

Drainage Problems

A condensate drain is part of the outdoor unit of an air conditioner that behaves as an exit route for the moisture that is developed when the air flows through the evaporator coil. When the temperature is high outside, it is advised to check if the condensate drain is unjammed and draining properly.

Blocked Air Vents

Closed air vents can reduce the air conditioner’s cooling, damage the compressor, increase duct leakage, and many such problems. Make sure that your air vents are not shut, and air can flow out easily to prevent such problems.

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