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How Often Should You Service Your AC?

When summer brings the heat on, we look forward to our air conditioning system for keeping cool.  But how will the air conditioning system provide efficient chilling services if its maintenance services are not on time?

Maintenance services for the AC system are a vital step to ensure comfort and relaxation during the summer holidays without any AC problems. If you wish to have some quality time for yourself without having to deal with any trouble,  you should get your AC serviced before the heat starts troubling your AC system.

1. According To AC Experts, AC Maintenance Service Helps Keep The System In The Best Health!

Yes, you heard it right! AC maintenance enhances the AC system services, and there is no need to call the air conditioner repair experts in Murrieta before its working period. 

Here are some benefits that you get from scheduling maintenance services on time:

  • Avoid all expensive and little repairs that could cause inconvenience in your schedule.
  • Annual maintenance service helps the system to work for more than 17 years.
  • Maintenance services also assist in keeping the system’s warranty intact and valid. 
  • A maintained AC system consumes less energy or electricity than a dirty AC system.  
  • You spend the entire heating season tension-free and do not worry about a carbon monoxide leakage or electrical short circuit due to issues.

2. How Often Should You Call AC Maintenance Service?

According to EASE technicians, it is best to call the air conditioner repair experts in Murrieta for maintenance services twice a season. The two-timing for the maintenance services are:

  • Before the summer season. 
  • After the summer season. 

Calling the maintenance service in the spring season is more vital than calling the experts for service after the summer retreat. 

After the summer season, the AC system goes into hibernation. During the hibernation spell, dust, dirt, or animals can get trapped inside the AC system. There might be rodent or vermin growth inside ducts, or AC can cause numerous health issues. We recommend calling the maintenance services at least once a year, if not twice.

3. Different AC Components Need Annual Maintenance.

Here are some AC components that might malfunction if they do not get annual maintenance, according to our AC replacement experts in Hemet, CA:

  • Air Filters – Air filters are essential components that need to be replaced yearly at the start of the summer season. A dusty air filter reduces the cleaning efficiency and starts transferring pollutant air indoors.
  • Air Condenser Coils And Fins – It is the second most component that contributes to dust and other pollutants in the moving air that we breathe. AC condenser coils and fins can accumulate dust and dirt particles over time. Apart from causing pollution, it starts to hinder the cooling process too.
  • Electrical Connections And Refrigeration Coils – Electrical wires and switches get worn off due to exhaustive running. That is why a quick examination of the electrical wire, switch, and boards are necessary to keep them away from electrical hazards. Cracks in refrigeration coils may affect the efficiency and working performance of the compressor. 
  • Thermostat Working – The thermostat is the remote control of the AC system, and if it breaks down, you cannot control your AC system, so this component is essential.


Other things like condensate drain and pan, evaporator coil, compressor, and blower motors need a quick check-up to perform brilliantly. Call EASE‘s AC replacement expert in Hemet, CA, for a prompt and professional maintenance service.