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How Much Would It Cost To Repair A Flame Sensor?

Flame sensors are one of the more essential parts of a furnace because they prevent dangerous gas buildup. The flame sensor confirms the opening of a gas valve only when there is a fire. It is, however, a component that is prone to a variety of problems, requiring heating repair in San Jacinto, CA.

In most cases, professionals providing water heater repair in Hemet CA, in addition to other services, will opt to repair the flame sensor if it begins to cause issues. It can set a homeowner back between $75 and $250.

Why Is It Necessary To Repair Flame Sensors?

Flame sensors, like most furnace components, are exposed to a substantial degree of wear and tear. If the flame sensors fail, the furnace will release gas even if nothing is there to ignite it. As a result, dangerous gas levels will rise.

In most cases, however, the flame sensor only has to be cleaned rather than repaired. As a result, the sensors record incorrect readings. If the flame sensor is unclean, it will shut down whether or not there is a flame present. If this is the case, you should contact heating repair in San Jacinto, CA, to clean the surface of the flame sensor.

How Can I Tell If My Furnace Needs A New Flame Sensor?

You have the option of hiring a professional to test the flame sensor, or you may do it yourself. You must perform the following to know this:

  • Turn off your furnace’s power.
  • Turn off the gas valve.
  • Remove the mounting screw.
  • Carefully remove the flame sensor.

The porcelain component of the sensor is also known as insulation. The state of this porcelain part decides whether the sensor is broken or needs to be cleaned. You will be able to tell whether the sensor needs to be replaced or cleaned after the inspection.

The insulation around the sensor will be in one piece if the sensor is dirty, but it will seem black owing to the soot. It may also have some corrosion, which may necessitate repair depending on the extent of the corrosion. If the flame sensor is faulty, the insulation is likely cracked. It will demand the replacement of a sensor.

The Life Span Of The Flame Sensor

If you’ve recently updated the sensor or installed a new furnace, the flame sensor should last roughly five years. Because the normal lifespan is 15 to 30 years, you should expect to replace the flame sensor once or twice throughout your ownership.

Seasonal furnace maintenance and flame sensor cleaning are required to extend the lifespan of a sensor. Even if your furnace appears to be in good working order, cleaning the sensor once a year can save you from having to contact emergency heating services in the middle of winter. Thus, it is better to replace the furnace every two to three years to avoid future problems.

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