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How Much Is The Price For Replacing A Heating Element In A Furnace?

An electric furnace is operated through coiled heating elements to warm up the air before spreading the hot air through the air vents of the house. Electric furnaces work on any electrical power source, which includes solar power as well. Some units are also connected to heaters and electric heat pumps for saving energy. An electric furnace lasts for about 20 to 30 years, provided by the model, usage, and climate.

Is your furnace turning on or off unusually? Is your electric bill going up all of a sudden? Or are there any strange smells coming from your heating system? These signs indicate that your furnace is not working properly. There is still some time left, so you should call for an HVAC repair in Hemet, CA, and replace a heating element in the system before it eventually stops working.

How Much Is The Price Of Restoring A Heating Element?

The cost for replacing heating elements may differ. It usually starts at a price range of $100 to $300 for each heating element. The price varies as per the type of parts and service. The cost will be higher for emergency services. The reason is that the electric furnaces have at a minimum three heating elements, so if one stops working, it won’t hinder the operation of the furnace. But, its capacity to heat will be lowered, depending on the number of damaged heating elements.

How Much Is The Price Of A Single Heating Element?

A replacement element usually costs $20, and with replacement service, the total cost would be $200 to $300. So, to find if one of your water heater elements is damaged, you can use an electrical continuity tester to find if the furnace is operating or not. You can easily get this device at any hardware store for only $10.

How To Restore A Heating Element?

  • Expose the heating element. Ensure that you have switched off the electricity of the furnace before doing anything.
  • Test and unload the furnace. Use a circuit tester and let its tips touch one of the terminal screws.
  • Install the new Heating Element.
  • The Process is finished.

What Causes A Heating Element To Wear Out In A Water Heater?

The main cause of worn-out elements on new element replacements or new water heater installations in dry fire. This generally happens because the installer stops opening a hot water valve while the heater tank is filled up with water and thus eradicating air from the system.

So, now you know the costs and factors involved in replacing a heating element in a furnace. If you need assistance, contact Ease to perform any heating repair in Hemet, CA. We offer an extensive range of services such as replacement and installation to keep your home warm and your family safe. Give us a call at (866) 788-3273, or contact us through our website to learn more or schedule a service