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How Do You Test An AC Contactor?

Summers in Jacinto, CA, is unbeatable, and to live a comfortable life at home, you need an efficient air conditioner. Does it stop working often? You must be thinking about what is wrong with the conditioner.

The power source used to operate the AC unit typically includes electricity, but an AC contactor regulates the flow to each part of the cooling system.

What Is An AC Contactor?

A small device that works along with capacitors to keep your AC running efficiently. Many times, electrical parts of an AC such as heating pump and blower fan are the causes of breakdown.

It is similar to a switch that receives a low voltage signal from a furnace. If the blower fan stops working, it’s due to the AC contactor failure.

Signs Your AC contactor is giving you:

  • Never Shuts Off
    If your AC is running continuously even after switching off the unit, it is an indication your AC contactor is not working efficiently.
  • Grinding
    The worn motor bearings often lead to a grinding sound in your AC. The solution to grinding sound is the replacement of motor bearings.
  • Physical Deterioration
    The extreme temperature changes often lead to pitting. The process eventually deteriorates the system’s capacity.
  • Creates Rattling Noise
    Your AC is creating rattling noise as it has few loose screws connected to the fan. Contact an ac repair in Jacinto, CA, to tighten the connections.

The AC contactor wears down over time and, this leads to overheating. Never avoid such issues if you want to enjoy a humid-free home.

How To Test An AC Contactor?

Here is the step-by-step process to test an AC Contactor:

  • Power off the air conditioner and move to the condenser unit.
  • Look for the control panel at the side of the unit connected to the wires.
  • Remove the side cover with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Locate the contactor- contactor is a vertically positioned black rectangle with several colored wires connected to it.
  • Before working on it, take a snap of the wiring to help you reconnect them later.
  • Unscrew the contactor and remove the wires. The wires must be connected while unscrewing the contactor.

Multimeter For Testing

To test a contractor, you must have a multimeter. Multimeters are available in any hardware shop or big box store.

  • Set the multimeter to OL setting.
  • Now, connect it to the low volt terminals present on the sides of the contactor.
  • If the multimeter reading is between 5 to 20, it indicates the AC contactor is working.
  • If reading is lower than five or doesn’t show any result, it indicates the AC contactor is not functioning. You will have to replace the ac contactor and rewire the unit using the snap taken initially.

If you face any issues or are unsure about testing a multimeter, you can connect with a technician that will help in air conditioning installation and repair.

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