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How Do You Reset An Air Conditioner Safety Switch?

Have your float switch tripped? Do you want to reset the AC safety switch? There is no need to worry. If the air handler’s float switch has tripped, the most condensate drain has stopped up thanks to a blockage, and thus the blocked water has tripped the float on the float switch.

Most of the time, it is an algae development that is clogging the drain. However, sometimes small lizards or frogs might have got themselves trapped and thus blocking the flow of water. To allow the AC to work properly, first of all, the main condensate drain needs to be cleaned. So, look for an AC Company in Jacinto.

How To Clean The Condensate Drain?

Vacuum Pump

By placing the suction hose on the condensate line’s discharge, the condensate line is often vacuumed. The drain line should be vacuumed with an empty shop vacuum. this enables the vacuum to be inspected for debris after it’s been vacuumed. For about two minutes, the suction hose should be left on the road.

The homeowner then can disconnect the hose from the road after the time has passed. If the obstruction gets removed, the drain should begin to empty on its own, allowing all of the water that has been trapped within the air handler’s drain pan to empty. You can also look for professional AC Service.

Back Flush

We can also clean the drain using a backflush. Do not flush a lot of water as it will cause it to overflow. A fast and small spray of water may be sufficient. When it gets unblocked there will be water coming from it which will be colder than the tap water. If debris comes, means it has been cleaned but if it does not then it may get clogged again sometime later. So, look for an AC Contractor.

How To Reset The Switch?

A safety switch is located in different places according to the installation of AC.


If the air handler is built vertically, it will be usually mounted on the front of the unit, near to the main condensate drain that exits the unit. It will have two wires coming out of it from where float can be removed. Water needs to be removed from the fitting so it will start working again.


The float switch should be positioned on the emergency drain pan underneath the air handler within the attic or suspended within the garage if the system has been installed horizontally. To reset the switch, the water within the emergency drain pan must be removed. A shop vacuum is the best technique to suck the water out.

The system should turn back on once the water level is low enough for the switch to reset.

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