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How Do You Get Your Furnace To Kick On?

With the temperatures gradually dropping, it won’t be long until the winter arrives, and you will turn on your heating system for the first time this season. Most likely, it will switch on without any issue, but what if your machine does not switch on? Are you aware of what to do when your heating system refuses to start in the dreadful winters?

A heater that fails to turn on is a pretty regular occurrence, but luckily, it is usually simple to fix a furnace that does not shoot up correctly. Also, to ensure that such events do not happen with you, it is better to call experts for heating system repair in Hemet, CA, for seasonal maintenance.

Troubleshooting Tips to Get your Heating System Kicked On

It can be stressful to discover that your heating system is acting up in the peak winter season. However, learning how to troubleshoot these issues before calling an HVAC repair expert can help you maintain a healthy heating and cooling machine. Mentioned below are some of the top steps to follow when your heating system won’t turn on.

  • Conduct a visual examination of your circuit breakers

Some parts require electricity to function even when owning a gas or propane-butane furnace. If your heating system is not turning on, there is a possibility that the circuit breaker tripped. Therefore, it is prudent to examine that all controls for your heating system are set to an “ON” position on your furnace circuit breaker panel.

  • Confirm that your thermostat is functioning correctly

If your heater won’t turn on, it sometimes indicates that the thermostat’s programming got misplaced or reset. It may even stand set to an inaccurate setting. Hence to do an inspection, it is better to set your thermostat approximately 10 degrees higher than the existing temperature and notice if the machine turns on. Also, note that the thermostat remains set to “HEAT.”

  • Inspect the drain pan

Drain pans accumulate water that your heating system extracts from the air. Hence when the machine is functioning correctly, the surplus water should get pumped or emptied automatically.

However, if the pan remains full of water, a triggered float control may prevent the heating system from turning on. In this case, check to notice if the drain on the pan is clear or if the furnace pump is working perfectly.

  • Ensure that the furnace air filters are working accurately

If you’ve been overlooking your heating system’s air filter, it may remain severely obstructed, preventing your machine from turning on.

  • Conduct a pilot light inspection

Many modern heating systems will not function if the pilot light is faulty. Also, when this happens, the supply of natural gas and propane gets limited, leading to a heating system not turning on.

If you’ve tried every troubleshooting tip above and your heating system continues to kick on, or if you sense a gas or propane leak, it is prudent to schedule a professional heating repair in San Jacinto, CA. Get in touch with our expert technicians at Ease to save money on your heating services. For more details, call us at (866) 788-3273.