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Furnace Safety: 6 Warning Signs Not To Ignore

An HVAC appliance’s primary function is to maintain a warm and comfortable temperature in your home, and its secondary functions are to maintain the humidity levels and indoor air quality. An efficient furnace should not have any problem performing these functions.

However, a furnace may face safety issues while working. You can contact your technician for heating system repair in Hemet, CA, at that time. In such cases, you should know some warning signs that indicate your furnace is not as safe to use as before. 

Some Warning Signs Related to Furnace Safety

  • Noises

There is no reason for your furnace to make unwanted noises while working. Small objects may enter the furnace and create noise while working, but you can easily remove them. However, if the furnace continues making noises, it may indicate serious internal issues. You should not delay contacting your technician if the noises continue.

  • Repairs

A furnace may require one or two repair jobs while operating during the winter season. If your system requires more repairs, your furnace is inefficient to work this season. The number of repair jobs your furnace requires each season indicates the work capacity of your furnace.

  • Uneven Heating

As you know, the primary function of your furnace is to warm your place comfortably. If your furnace cannot carry out this function, then it is obvious that your furnace is not working as it should. If you notice frequent hot and cold pockets in your home, you should contact a technician to look into the matter.

  • High Energy Bills

One of the biggest indicators of an inefficient furnace is high energy bills. A furnace consumes energy while working. You may notice that your energy bills may rise sometimes. It is an indication that it needs to be immediately repaired.

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

High indoor air quality is necessary for you if your family suffers from seasonal allergies or breathing problems. If your furnace is not filtering your indoor air from bacteria, viruses, dirt, and dust, you should understand that your furnace needs professional attention.

  • Excessive Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is one of the by-products formed when your furnace works. It is harmful and not fit for breathing in excessive amounts. It has no smell, so you should have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home.

All furnaces have a separate chamber to store and remove carbon monoxide, but with age and external damage, this chamber may not be able to store the gas, which may leak. This leakage can harm you and your surrounding areas, so you should contact your nearest HVAC company if your carbon monoxide detectors go off.


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