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Four Furnace Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Furnaces play an important role in our everyday lives. They’re used to heat our homes and keep us comfortable all day long. Many people don’t know that a furnace can have a soft ‘hum’ sound associated with them. However, for sounds that are strange or unique, as given below, these are something you should pay attention to. 

Four Furnace Noises you Should Never Ignore

  • Scraping

Metal-on-metal scrapes are some disturbing sounds you may hear in a system with moving parts. The blower fan in your furnace is a metal component enclosed in a metal casing. If you hear it scratching, this part can be loose and rubbed against its casing.

Either the fan is broken, or the component keeping the blower assembly and motor operating together has fallen apart. If the furnace is used in this condition, irreparable damage could happen. When you first hear this sound, it’s important to seek professional help since it can usually be fixed easily if the damage isn’t too severe.

  • Squealing

Your furnace employs belts like any motor to turn various parts, like the blower fan. A high-pitched screech or squealing sound could result if the belt loosens or encounters other issues. Although this issue isn’t as serious as metal-on-metal scrapping, it could be the precursor to more serious issues.

Usually, loose or dry components are to blame for these noises. For instance, the former could be caused by broken blower belts or a detached motor. Lubrication is necessary for several furnace components, such as the shaft bearing, to function smoothly. They whistle when they dry up.

The absence of lubrication between metal bearings and other surfaces could also be a source of squeals and screeches.

If you happen to reside in Hemet, CA or nearby, have our emergency heating repair expert tune up your system before the winter arrives to prevent this from happening.

  • Rumbling

While running, your furnace should be quiet, but a loud rumble can cause concern. A dirty burner that isn’t performing at its best is the most likely reason for a rumbling heater. Contact an emergency furnace repair expert to clean the system if the flame on your burner changes color. If you ignore this issue, the rumbles can turn into bangs, which would be far worse for your equipment.

  • Clicking

The furnace usually makes a clicking sound when the ignition is turned on. However, the heat exchanger can be damaged if the machine clicks a lot while running. Carbon monoxide cannot enter the house thanks to this metal component.

The exchanger may develop cracks over time due to warping from numerous heating and cooling cycles. Through the openings, harmful gasses might enter the house and create a hazardous atmosphere.

Call An Expert

The next time you turn on your heating system, pay attention to these sounds. Call one of our qualified HVAC contractors for a thorough evaluation. Ease is a renowned company, praised for providing reliable, prompt, and affordable service with a smile.

Our knowledgeable professionals are prepared to meet all of your comfort needs. We specialize in furnace installation and repair in Hemet, CA. Contact us immediately if you’re hearing strange furnace noises or need help!