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Energy Upgrade

EASE provides energy-efficient upgrades to multifamily properties using no-cost and rebate programs. See if your property qualifies!

How It Works



One of our specialists will visit your property and conduct a full head-to-toe evaluation of your property.



You’ll receive a comprehensive list of all available no-cost and rebate services your property is eligible for.


Our technicians will coordinate with your onsite managers and maintenance to provide a quick and clean installation.

Enjoy the Benefits

Save money and energy on your newly renovated property!

The Need for Efficiency in Multifamily

Beginning January 1, 2020, all new residential projects must be designed to achieve Zero Net Energy. What does it mean for existing properties? Multifamily properties will need to keep up and transition over to California’s new efficiency standards overtime.

We can try to push it off but it’s already here! Senate Bill 407 requires pre-1994 multifamily housing’s plumbing fixtures meet state water-saving standards.

  • Shower heads: Flow rate must be 2.5 gallons or less.
  • Aerators: 2 gallons per minute or less.
  • Toilets: They must use 1.6 gallons or less


Along with plumbing, other home features may need to update which includes Heating, Air Conditioning, Water Heating, Insulation & Air Sealing, Appliances, Lighting, Energy Management Tools, and more.

In partnership with local utilities, EASE specializes in providing energy-efficient solutions to multifamily owners by taking advantage of no-cost and rebate programs in a “one-stop-shop” manner. A thorough walkthrough of the property can help determine all services you may be eligible for.

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Rebate Incentives

Rebates isn’t only about getting a few dollars back on a new appliance, it’s about receiving incentives based on energy-efficiency goals being met. Incentives are determined on a per-unit basis with a cost cap of 75% of the project cost for projects completed in Disadvantaged Communities, and 60% of the project cost for projects in all other areas. 

*The incentive structure may be altered at any moment throughout the course of the program.


Potential Services

Common Area LED + Outdoor

Solar Panels

Common Area Pool Pump

EV Charging Stations

Water Saving Upgrades

Low Flow Toilets

Insulation & Air Sealing

Smart Thermostats

Heating & Cooling

Recirculating Pump Control

Multifamily Energy Audits

And More!

Frequently Asked Questions


EASE, along with a few other agencies, are exclusively contracted with your local utility companies specialized in providing these services to you. We’re fully licensed and insured and can provide insurance certificates upon request before the start of the project.

How are some services offered at no-cost?

Some services are rate-payer funded. Utility customers pay a “tax/surcharge” on their bills which fund various programs.

What assurances can I expect?

Once we’ve conducted a thorough assessment of the property, we’ll accurately determine which services you’ll be eligible for and set realistic expectations. We’re looking to provide 100% satisfaction!

What will you be inspecting to determine these services?

We’ll be looking at the condition of the weatherstripping at the entryways, lighting, toilets, thermostats, showerheads, and major appliances of individual units. We’ll also be looking at the property’s common area, such as lighting, pool pump, laundry room, etc. to see which services you may be eligible there as well.

What Can I Potentially Receive?

The services you receive are based on the overall layout of the home, which utility companies you have an account with, how your home is heated, age and condition of appliances, etc. Our goal is to provide everything possible; from weather-proofing your home to replacing major appliances!

See if you qualify for the Affordable Multifamily Financing program 


Satisfied Customers

Hi, Thank you for coming over to do my assessment. I really appreciate the great customer service you provided me. I will keep your contact info and will refer anyone that may be able to benefit for your program. Thank you again and have a great day.

-K. Johnson

Thank you Boris, you did a great job, learns a lot from you for conservation and efficiency and energy saving programs. I can talk to my friends and if the have any interest or questions I let you know.
Thanks again.


Thank You, Walter, for your professionalism and your patience on my appointment. Yesterday. I thought you did a great job– you were very clear and easy to understand, and I will be relaying that to my neighbors in the park as well as letting you know.
I do…


May, I will be happy to recommend you and your Company. You proved to be very efficient and prompt. Thank you so much!


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