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3 Kinds of Air Conditioner Noises You Should Not Ignore

While no one wants their air conditioner to be perfectly silent, unexpected noises from your AC can be a concern. Over the span of an air conditioner’s life, it will go through different ranges of sounds. There are some sounds however, that you should never ignore. This article will help homeowners decipher which noises to look out for and address without delay. In any case, it is necessary to consult our expert and seek timely AC unit repair.

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What are the three most problematic air conditioner noises?

Below are the three air conditioning sounds you must never overlook.

  • Hissing

A temporary hissing sound that stops after a few seconds might not even be a concern. For instance, it can be the noise of refrigerant gas flowing through your expansion valve. However, a constant hissing or whistling noise can indicate a refrigerant leak. Your inner valve or your coolant lines may leak refrigerant.

Leaky refrigerant lines might also produce a bubbling sound. If internal valve leaks are neglected, they will worsen and start to hiss louder. If you want to keep calm and stop the leak from getting worse, you should look into and remedy the leak as soon as you can. If you believe there is a leak, turn off the air conditioner and schedule an immediate AC repair service with our techncians in Murrieta, CA.

  • Humming

While your air conditioning unit is operating, you might not hear a buzzing inside your home, but if the air conditioner is outside, you might hear it when you move near the machine. Your condenser fan motor, contactor relay module, or circuit breakers, to mention a few, could all be the culprits if your air conditioner starts buzzing.

Moreover, one thing is for sure the buzzing sound indicates an electrical issue. And when electricity crosses between circuitry, a buzzing sound is produced. As an air conditioner becomes older, this frequently occurs. Even though the air conditioner appears to operate normally from your home’s interior, you could still have an electrical issue.

  • The noise of metallic grinding

A mechanical object’s metal-on-metal whirring noise is rarely a good indicator. If the brakes on your automobile produced that noise, you would take it to a repair. A metallic grinding noise in an air conditioning unit might also indicate a problem. The most frequent causes of this grinding noise are broken or loose belts and compressor issues.

The pistons that compress the coolant in compressors make a grinding sound. When the compressor is worn out, they create this noise, which may indicate that you need to replace the compressor or that it’s time to replace the entire air conditioner.


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