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3 Common Reasons Your Air Conditioning Is Blowing Warm Air

If your AC is blowing warm air, it could be due to improper maintenance. In addition to this, it could be because the unit’s refrigerant levels are low. Both of these potential reasons can make it difficult for your air conditioner to produce and circulate cool air throughout the house. If your AC is giving you issues, you should schedule air conditioning services in Murrieta or call our expert for a thorough inspection of your unit.

Reasons your air conditioning appliance is blowing hot air.

Below are some primary reasons your cooling appliance is blowing warm air.

  • Low refrigerant levels

Refrigerant is essential in the AC system as it helps cool the air. Normal wear and tear can affect your air conditioner, raising the chance of leaks that will eventually reduce the refrigerant levels. If your air conditioning unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it won’t be able to produce cold air through the normal evaporation process.

If you feel warm air coming through your vents, your system may not have enough refrigerant. You should call our AC tune-up expert in Murrieta, CA if you hear any hissing noise from the system. Our technician will quickly seal the leakage and refill the refrigerant to avoid strain on the AC system.

  • Duct problems

Your system’s ductwork could be another common cause of warm air coming from your system. With time, the ductwork may gradually lose its seams or develop tiny holes and splits.

This damage makes it possible for cooled air to escape before it gets to your home’s vents and starts to flow out. It would help if you spoke to our air conditioning service experts in Murrieta, CA, to examine your ductwork and discover the location of the leak.

  • Untimely maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential to safeguarding and improving your air conditioning system’s performance. While the air conditioning unit is running, your system may require servicing if warm air is consistently escaping from your vents.

It is essential to call our air conditioning service expert in Murrieta, CA, at the beginning of the summer season to avoid problems later. Our technician will clean and lubricate the mechanical components for smooth functioning. Moreover, our expert will replace the faulty component affecting the AC system’s functioning.

Tips to fix the issue

Here are some tips that you can use to resolve the issue:

  • Replace the air filter.

  • Clean the condenser coils with a coil cleaning agent or dish cleaning soap and scrubber.

  • Use a brush to remove debris from the condenser fins and a vacuum cleaner to clean the AC unit’s interior.

  • Ensure all the AC vents and registers are unrestricted and clean.

  • Inspect your duct system and if you find a small hole, cover it with duct tape. However, if there is a massive hole, call our air conditioning service expert in Murrieta, CA for assistance.


It is best to consult with our expert if the AC unit continues to blow warm air even after trying all the DIY tips. The EASE experts can help you fix the issue quickly and precisely. Call (866) 788-3273 to schedule an appointment with our experts for an Ac Tune up Murrieta, CA and the surrounding areas.