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Why Is Your Goodman Furnace Leaking Water?

When was the last time you checked up on your furnace? With the winters being around the corner, it’s important to prevent and even equip your furnace for the chilly season, so you don’t take a look only to realize that there’s a large pool of water under your furnace.

If Your Furnace Leaks Water, Should You Worry?

Usually, there is no need to panic as it’s not the worst thing that can happen to your furnace. But a furnace leaking water from the bottom cannot be fixed without a professional’s help, and you must get in touch with the experts for repairs. Any water-related issue with the furnace can turn into something more serious overnight, so try to deal with it as soon as possible.

What Happens When Your Furnace Leaks Water?

When your furnace leaks water, the water will collect near the furnace. If the water goes on to leak and puddle around the furnace, it will ultimately cause rust within some parts and even eventually, shut down. Such a damaged furnace can also result in water damage and potentially dangerous situations due to electrical wiring.

Some of the most common causes of your Goodman furnace leaking water are listed right down below:

The Condensate Pump is Not Functional.

High-efficiency furnaces will drain down, but the condensation pump is essential if the water will have to go up and then out of the crawlspace. The pump on a furnace is accountable for moving water through the lines. Yet, after some time, this pump can become dysfunctional, resulting in a leaky furnace. If you have checked the drain tap and it is not clogged, then the condensate pump may be the wrongdoer. It’s best to reach out to a technician to come and troubleshoot the pump and perhaps replace it if required.

Humidifier Issues

Many homeowners have a humidifier installed inside the furnace to help keep their residence moist during the dry winters. If the humidifier begins to leak, it may appear that the furnace itself is leaking. Though properly examining the area near the furnace and the bottom of the humidifier can give you a better idea of the root cause of the problem.

Condensation From The Exhaust Pipe

One of the primary causes of leaking water in your furnace is from the metal exhaust pipe, which carries condensation outside of the furnace in the form of gas. Nonetheless, if the metal pipe has a leak or is of the wrong shape or size, all condensation will be unable to escape. When the gas cools down, it will move back into the pipe and drain from the bottom of the furnace.

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