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When Do You Need To Replace Your HVAC System?

You need to require a good amount of money to invest in air conditioning systems, and because you are doing so, you want them to work smoothly and efficiently. Over the years, they will get rusty. They have to be replaced, or you will see a spike in the electricity bills with low performance and frequent breakdowns.

Given below are the eight signs that will help you evaluate your Air conditioning system. It will help you know if it’s time to replace your home AC unit by using the HVAC installation in Hemet, CA:

1. Your AC System is a Decade Old

If your kids or pets grew up with the same AC, the system isn’t reaching maturity but old age. The life span of the HVAC system is between ten to fifteen years. Over time, the significant parts of the AC will start to slump and degenerate according to how frequent the usage and maintenance are.

Older systems use R-22 as the refrigerant. This is an environmental element. The new system doesn’t use this refrigerant and saves the environment and your money.

2. The Cost Of The New AC is Equal To The Cost Of Two HVAC Repairs

With the aging of AC’s, they make holes in your wallets by demanding frequent repairs. Calculate the cost and number of repairs you need; if it is more than half of the cost of a new AC system, then without hesitation, buy a new one.

3. The Large Spike in Your Electricity Bills

The usage of electricity is dependent on the seasons as well. Comparing your electricity bills for the same months in different years will give you a judgment. If they increase compared to previous years, then it’s a clear sign that the system needs to be replaced.

4. Temperature Inconsistency

Do you feel that the circulation of air is not consistent? Your home doesn’t have a pleasant temperature? If your home’s size, requirement, and location aren’t compatible with the AC system you have installed, it means there will not be enough power for the system to meet the demands.

5. Dusty Home

Along with cooling and heating, the HVAC system also provides ventilation and controls humidity. If you see increased dust and debris, that means your system isn’t working efficiently.

6. Uncommon Smell

Weird smells from your HVAC system can be the result of wire or dust burning. Get your system checked after turning it off the system.

7. Strange Sounds

If you hear grinding or squealing sounds, it may be due to the aging of vital components. Immediately get your system checked.

8. Compromised Air Quality

Air conditioning is responsible for maintaining good indoor air quality. If dust, temperature, and humidity aren’t well regulated, then your HVAC system is damaged.

Everything gets rusty and collapses with time. The AC system is no different. When your HVAC systems start showing any of the signs mentioned above, contact our technicians and get them checked and replaced.

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