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Looking for a Sound Sleep? Set the best AC Temperature!

People sometimes wake up at night to adjust the temperature of their air conditioners. Not having the preferred temperature can disturb and interrupt sleep. The smart thing to do is set the air conditioner at the optimum temperature for sound sleep. We discuss this in more detail below:

1. Why Is It Crucial To Have An Optimal Temperature To Sleep?

A sound sleep is a necessity for human beings. They need to recoup and refresh for the next day. The cells repair themselves and rebuild for good health. The organs and tissues rejuvenate for optimal functioning. It is important to sleep well to destress as well. It keeps away health problems.

  • Health Reasons

    An uncomfortable room can disturb sleep, making one restless and tired the next day. Some people also wake up with a headache or a blocked nose because the room was uncomfortably cold due to the temperature settings of the AC. Regular disturbances can cause weakness, headaches, irritability, and exhaustion. Call the technicians for Emergency AC Repair Murrieta, CA if the problem persists. A simple visit will help sleep better for good health and energy.

2. Why Are Temperature Variations Dangerous?

Sudden variations in the room temperature make it difficult to sleep well at night. Night temperatures don’t vary much like the day when the sun rises, or it is at its peak. It is ideal to set your air conditioner to a level that will keep you comfortable the whole night. There should be no need to wake up intermittently to adjust the thermostat. Ask experts of AC Replacement Hemet, CA, to help you with your faulty thermostats or to replace the instrument.

3. The Best Ac Temperature For A Good Sleep Is

  • People Preferences

    Different people like different seasons; some like summers while some like winters. Similarly, people like to sleep in different AC temperatures.
  • Cooler Or warmer

    But, it is scientifically proven that cooler rooms are healthier to sleep in than warmer rooms. Cool rooms help the body to breathe easily and are more comfortable to sleep in.

    It is better to adjust the air conditioner to a cooler setting and wear a comforter or a light blanket if one feels cold at night. Warmer rooms cause seating and disturb sleep. If your air conditioner needs to be changed, take the services of AC Replacement Hemet, CA.

  • Optimal Temperature Setting

    So, then what’s the optimal setting of the air conditioner temperature? What should be the ideal temperature of the room for the best sleep?

    Ideally, the room temperature for a sound sleep should be about 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18.3 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the air conditioner’s temperature should be between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit or 15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius. Technicians who have performed emergency AC repair in Murrieta, CA, have the experience and expertise to help you.


Set the temperature, leave aside the remote, and sleep well the whole night. Contact ease to service your air conditioners to perform efficiently and optimally. Live a life of ease with sound sleep night after night.