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How Often Should You Replace An AC Capacitor?

It’s tough to survive in a hot and humid environment at home, but an air conditioner saves your life. Modern air conditioners involve few high-quality parts, which increase their efficiency and make them more reliable.

If at any time of the day your ac shuts down, your capacitor is one component you should always check. Though it is a small device, it is as crucial as a battery.

Replacing an AC capacitor is expensive and maybe a hassle if you aren’t aware of how often you should consider changing a capacitor.

It’s essential to timely schedule a slot for AC tune-up and repair with your HVAC partner to maintain its peak efficiency.

Common Signs Of A Faulty Capacitor:

  • Frequent shutdowns:
    Your AC often gets shut down and leads to an increase in humidity at your home.
  • Fails to start:
    Once you switch on the cooling system, it fails to start or takes more time to cool the room.
  • Weird humming sound:
    If your AC is producing any humming sound, it’s time to call an ac service provider and schedule an appointment.

Factors Impacting Capacitor Efficiency:

Capacitors often fail to work efficiently as compared to other parts of the cooling system.

Here are few parameters which impact the efficiency of a capacitor:

  • Exposure to heat:

Installing an AC unit near a heat exposed area for long hours can harm the capacitor and lead to damage. You should always shade your unit to maintain it at its peak efficiency.

  • Age:

Many homeowners are doubtful about the lifespan of a capacitor. Ideally, a capacitor lasts for about 10-20 years, but various factors such as extreme temperature, hot or cold reduce their lifespan.

It also depends upon the workload and the ac parts built with the capacitor. If your cooling system possesses a tiny capacitor and includes inefficient units, it cannot last long.

  • Incorrect voltage rating:

There are times when the capacitor gets damaged and is not in working condition to keep the AC running. Homeowners often decide to replace the capacitor on their own.

The disadvantage here is homeowners do not have complete information about which capacitor is best for which model. They usually get trapped for cheaper capacitors thinking it is the best deal.

Due to this, capacitors with incorrect voltage ratings are part of your cooling system. The AC unit runs longer cooling cycles as the capacitor has to work harder to cool the room.

How Often Should You Change The Capacitors?

Faulty capacitors can result in short-circuit and, the damage blocks the current flow. Modern air conditioners cannot withstand excess heat as it results in smell and makes them burst.

To avoid any damage to your AC unit, you should hire a technician twice a year for a capacitors checkup and maintenance.


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