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How Often Should A Furnace Filter Be Cleaned?

A furnace needs proper maintenance of all its parts. One of its significant parts is the air filter. An air filter traps the airborne contaminants to keep them away from your heating system. It also benefits your health by preventing the entry of dust particles and pollen inside your home. Thus, it maintains the air quality inside your home or office and makes a healthy environment.

When you do not use your furnace during summers, the air filters get dirty due to dust and debris buildup. In such a condition, if you turn on the furnace without cleaning the air filter, it will result in the spread of a musty smell in your home. To avoid this, clean your furnace filter and schedule a heating system repair in Hemet, CA, to get better performance.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Furnace Filter?

Cleaning the filter of the furnace is mandatory, but how often should you do this? People must be aware of the cleaning schedule of the filter of their furnaces. Usually, the HVAC experts suggest changing the air filter every three months.

However, the right time for the cleaning of a furnace depends upon several factors. So, whenever you plan a tune-up by searching for the best ‘HVAC contractors near me Hemet CA‘, ask the question to them and schedule filter cleaning accordingly.

  • If The Filter Is Denser

If you use dense air filters for your furnace, then you need to change them more frequently. The higher the MERV(Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value), the denser a filter will be. Tiny holes of a high MERV filter clog easily than larger holes. A filter with the MERV rating of 6 to 9 should be replaced every 90 days. Wherever the rating is 10 to 12, it needs to be replaced in 60 days.

  • If The Filter Is Flat

The flat filter clogs more quickly than the pleated air filters. In such a case, you need to call your HVAC contractors near me, Hemet CA, to change the filter every month.

  • If Your Furnace Doesn’t Get Any Breaks

During the peaks of winters, your furnace works continuously to keep your home warm. Due to the overload on the furnace, it will be good to clean the filter every 30 to 60 days.

  • If You Have A Pet

Frequent cleaning and changing of the air filter are recommended if you have a pet in your home. The fur and feathers of your pet will clog the filter more rapidly. It is good to change the filter every 30 days if you have multiple pets in your home.

  • If You Are Sensitive To Dust

If someone at your house is suffering from any allergic disease, it is wise to change the air filter frequently. It will help you in preventing the entry of allergens.

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