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How Can You Protect Yourself Against AC Air Pollution?

Exposure to highly polluted air can have devastating consequences. According to the World Health Organization, dirty air kills around 6.5 million people each year, and 9 out of 10 people live in regions where the air is unfit for human consumption.

According to air duct cleaning professionals, indoor air quality may worsen if our air conditioners are not properly maintained. As we all know, air conditioners are responsible for most of the air we breathe throughout the day. 

As a result of dirty filters and air ducts, we breathe polluted air. If you believe your home’s air quality is terrible despite the presence of an air conditioner, you should probably start Googling “air duct cleaning services near me.”

How can an Air Conditioning Unit Pollute the Indoor Air Of Your Home?

Most home air conditioners recirculate inside air to save electricity. Without at least 15 cubic feet of external replacement air each minute for each individual, this can harm interior air quality. 

Airflow is reduced when routine maintenance, such as filter replacement, is not performed. Allergies, chemicals, and other irritants from the outside might enter your home when filters become blocked.

How an we protect Ourselves Against Dirty Air?

  • The air filters in your equipment should be washed or replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Open the curtains as much as possible. Allow passing fresh air to circulate in your home to remove impurities.

Cleaning Air Ducts and Improving Air Quality

Air duct cleaning is a standard service that you may have seen advertised. While the EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) cannot prove the assertion that yearly air duct cleaning will reduce health risks, it does urge that they be cleaned if mold or dust collection is visible. So, are you ready to search for “air duct cleaning near me” yet?

Changing Your Filters Aids in Improving Air Quality

An air conditioner’s primary function is to produce fresh air while also lowering the amount of heat in an area. If maintained, the filters, on the other hand, can eliminate different contaminants from the interior air, such as pollen and dust. We also offer AC repair in Hemet. Please contact us for your assistance.

Here are some Easy, Effective Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Family From the Hazards of Air Pollution:

  • Check your area’s daily air pollution prediction. The color-coded projections can alert you when the air quality in your area is poor. Local radio and television weather forecasts, newspapers, and are good places to start.
  • When the pollution level is high, avoid exercising outside. When the air quality is poor, go for a stroll inside a shopping center or gym, or utilize an exercise machine.
  • Generating electricity and other kinds of energy creates air pollution. You can help improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy independence, and save money by decreasing your energy consumption! Check out the US Environmental Protection Agency’s simple energy-saving ideas for the home.

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