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5 HVAC Troubleshooting Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Your HVAC system operates hard all year round to keep you cozy and comfortable through the seasonal changes. Eventually, all that wear and tear will impact the unit and cause it to act up or unexpectedly stop working. When your HVAC system suddenly fails, things might quickly get uncomfortable.

You should be aware of HVAC troubleshooting tips to prevent expensive repairs in the future. Here are five HVAC troubleshooting strategies that every homeowner should know; these will help you recognize when it is time to call our HVAC repair technician in Hemet, CA, for help.

Five HVAC Troubleshooting Tips For Homeowners:

  • Change Or Clean Air Filters

Regularly changing your air filters is one of the simplest and most cost-effective strategies to improve the system’s energy efficiency and avoid frequent HVAC problems. Your HVAC air filters should be cleaned or replaced every 2 to 3 months. If you have pets or live in a dusty location, you should change the filter more frequently.

  • Check The Thermostat

Plenty of HVAC problems arise from a broken thermostat. If your system isn’t starting correctly or won’t turn on, confirm if the thermostat has power. Many thermostats run on batteries.

When the batteries run out, they tend to malfunction and should work correctly again after replacing batteries. However, if changing batteries doesn’t solve the problem, you should call us for professional heating repair in Hemet, CA, to recalibrate your thermostat or replace it.

  • Inspect The Power Supply

Sometimes a simple switch flips to get your HVAC system back up and running. Your circuit breaker might have tripped due to a power cut and shut off the power supply. You need to reset the system to get it back up and running. Check for any damage or fraying which affected the power supply.

  • Keep Your Vents And Registers Clean

To keep your cooling and heating systems in good working order, ensure air can flow easily in and out of the system. Perform a quick inspection of the inside of your house to ensure that no furniture, carpets, or drapes are blocking your registers and vents.

Furthermore, even in rarely used rooms, keep your vents open. By closing vents, the system would not be able to work to its maximum potential, which may hinder its energy efficiency.

  • Remove Dirt And Debris From The Unit

Your HVAC’s outside unit needs maintenance regularly. Outside, the condenser frequently gathers debris, leaves, and dirt, which begin to build on and around the outdoor unit and might prevent it from receiving the air to function correctly.

Clean the surrounding area and remove fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris that might obstruct the unit’s airways or hinder airflow.


You should still hire professionals to service your HVAC system at least once or twice a year. If your HVAC system isn’t working despite the above troubleshooting steps, or if you’re looking for HVAC repair in Hemet, CA, give EASE a call now.

Our professional HVAC experts will assist you in finding the root cause of the problem and resolving it as soon as possible. Call us at 866-788-3273 to schedule an appointment for reliable heating repair in Hemet, CA.